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subscribe and save

Listen, we know you're busy. Who isn't these days?!

Although we would love to see your faces and fur babies in the store we understand it's not always easy to fit in your day. Enter: subscription ordering!

That's right, you can forget about having to make the trip to the store when you accidentally forget to buy food for Millie. When you are shopping online just select the quantity and the frequency for how often you would like to have a refill order replenished. Subscription ordering is available on all food and treat products.

Oh! and the best part? You'll save 5% on every order just by subscribing. We are offering you a discount for your loyalty and we cannot thank you enough. You can cancel, skip or freeze future orders as needed. When you create an account you'll have access to all of this as well as your order history.


For all orders over $89 we will also deliver it to your front door for absolutely FREE. Please see our Delivery Details page for more detailed information and a list of zip codes and towns we deliver to.

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